21 Jul 2016 12:00 IST

IIMs looking at measures to avoid deferred job offers

IIM-B pushes placement dates for certainty of recruitment

The recent controversy of Flipkart deferring the joining dates of a few IIM-Ahmedabad graduates has pushed IIMs into considering measures to protect students’ interests.

“IIM Bangalore has moved placement dates to March later than other IIMs and also have requested corporates to shift the joining dates earlier. Those with risky pre-placement offers will be given an opportunity to sit for interviews with other firms in March,” Ganesh Prabhu, Chairperson, Career Development Services, IIM Bangalore, told BusinessLine.

The later the companies recruit, the greater will be their certainty of requirement, so delayed joining is less likely, Prabhu added.

IIM Ahmedabad, however, refused to comment.

A spokesperson from IIM Calcutta said, “The institution is actively discussing measures to avoid such situations altogether. Punitive steps against the firm in retrospect do not help the affected students at all. We are exploring all options as of now, with the single aim of protecting student interest.”

On whether blacklisting companies was being considered, Prabhu said: “No. We will not consider it. IIM-B students will not apply if they are not interested in such companies.”

When asked whether there was an increase in instances of offers being revoked or delayed by e-commerce start-ups, IIM Calcutta said: “One placement season may be too little time to pin-point a trend, at this stage. However, with the instances reported this year, it is definitely something to watch out for and guard against from the institution’s perspective.”

Even Harvard University does not get 100 per cent placement, an IIM faculty member said, adding that deferred joining is nothing new.

“Maybe the company is not ready to make that many offers or does so to make sure competition does not get talent. But, at the institution level, any proactive reaction will be well thought out as it has long-term implications. Companies that IIMs call for placements are a function of what students want so banning does not really work. The important thing is institutional relationship has to be at the heart of it.”

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