24 Apr 2019 20:03 IST

IFMR hosts special MBA for L&T executives

The first batch will comprise 45 executives from various divisions of the company

The IFMR Graduate School of Business, KREA University (IFMR GSB), has curated a special Executive MBA programme with specialisation in finance, supply chain, human relations and industry relations for executives of L&T Construction.

The programme has been designed to combine concepts and principles of management disciplines with relevant practical aspects in different functional areas. It will be conducted at IFMR GSB’s Sri City campus and would include periodic stints of residential in-campus sessions followed by online sessions for each trimester, and would be supplemented by self-paced learning. The first batch will comprise 45 executives across various divisions of the company, working in different parts of the country.

Dr Anantha Nageswaran, Dean IFMR GSB, said, “Technology brings with it a host of exciting challenges in the workplace and business environment. This programme will immensely benefit the selected executives to cope with and excel in their relevant fields.”

Paradigm shift

Dr Sundar Ramaswamy, Vice-Chancellor, KREA University, said, “L&T Construction is not only known for its contribution towards infrastructure development but also to the growth of the economy. In order to continue to contribute, we need to reskill ourselves, mainly due to the paradigm shift in human-machine interactions, human-human interactions and human-nature interactions. This special arrangement for executives of L&T Construction will address the concern of upskilling and prepare them for the future.”

The content, mode of delivery and selection of executives for the programme is structured to bring out demonstrable transition in skills, knowledge and capabilities of the participants. It will include comprehensive core courses, a wide range of elective courses in the participants’ areas of expertise, workshops, and individual masters’ dissertations.

Larger roles

Venkatesh, Head, Indirect Taxation, Divisional Corporate, L&T Construction, said, “The aim of this arrangement with IFMR GSB is to sensitise our executives to the importance of management knowledge and principles and to issues such as working capital management and project costing. We believe that this specially crafted programme will enhance the skills of executives in their related work spheres and translate into the world-class quality that L&T Construction exhibits.”

Dr Jayakumar, VP and Head, HR (Divisional Corporate), L&T Construction, said, “It is important for our talent pool to stay relevant with today’s fast-paced and highly dynamic business environment. As an employee grows in the organisation, perspectives broaden and the focus shifts from internal to external factors. I am confident that with each passing trimester, the participants’ perspectives will change. This programme is pointed towards preparing our executives to take up larger roles in the organisation.”

IFMR GSB, located on a 40-acre residential campus in Sri City, currently offers full-time MBA and Ph.D programmes, a part-time certification programme in Data Sciences, and customised management development programmes catering to practising executives.