02 Mar 2019 16:37 IST

IMI Kolkata sets up finance lab

Equipped with Bloomberg Professional Service, access to real-time investment information

IMI Kolkata set up a finance lab to equip students with skillsets that are required for being industry ready, as soon as they are inducted into their job roles. The finance lab currently is equipped with the Bloomberg Professional Service, which gives access for the students to real-time information on varied asset classes —fixed income to equities, derivatives to mortgages, foreign exchange to commodities— that will be integrated into one.

This set up aims students to get the benefits of news, analytics, communications, charts and execution platforms, which will help them to learn and implement effective business decisions. “The financial sector is globalised now. The analysis on firms’ behaviours and their historical trends are powerful information which will help while we take firm-specific decisions. I am confident this addition will groom our students to take on leadership roles in a highly competitive and challenging world”, says Prof Arindam Banik, Director, IMI Kolkata.

IMI Kolkata has been offering EMIS, formerly known as ISI Emerging Markets, access to its students for developing an understanding on time-sensitive, research and analytical data, peer comparisons for over 125 emerging markets. Exposure to these databases provide students with the necessary managerial acumen which is a primary requirement of the industry.

FT.com (The Financial Times) provides students with a broad range of information, news and services for honing their grasp on markets and managerial knowledge base. Hands-on learning and usage of these databases help students to bridge the gap between the academic and practical aspects and enable the management graduates to take independent decisions that is critical to the survival of modern-day organisations.

The ProwessIQ has been providing students with time-series data of the financials of Indian companies beginning from 1989-90 to help build familiarity with analysing annual reports of registered companies and other business entities. Similarly, the EPWRF India Times Series (EPWRFITS) interactive online database facilitates students with credible time series data with various periodicities, for conducting research across various sectors of the Indian economy.