23 May 2016 19:20 IST

IMI Kolkata’s volleyball team participates in Asian inter-university sports meet in China

Students’ participation comes on the heels of agreement for exchange of knowledge

IMI-Kolkata’s volleyball teams are visiting Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China to participate in the Asian inter-university sports meet that is being held from May 23 to May 30. This sports event marks the beginning of a promising collaboration between Kunming University of Science and Technology and IMI Kolkata, following the signing of an agreement for student and faculty exchange, research and other developmental activities.

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Faculty-in-charge Dr Sarojakshya Chatterjee, who is accompanying the team to China, said that the team’ spirit and enthusiasm levels were through the roof.The teams’ accompanying Coach Sabu Francis, who is himself an accomplished player and former captain of the Indian volleyball team, said that the teams were preparing very hard to meet the Chinese challenge. The teams’ executive officer Karabi Bhattacharya Rao said that she was looking forward more to the exchange of ideas and culture between the Indian and Chinese students, than winning. Dr. Arindam Banik, Director, IMI Kolkata said that such invitations demonstrated IMI Kolkata’s global linkages developed by the institute’s ability to create and disseminate knowledge, driven by its focus on research, teaching, consulting and training.