06 Jul 2020 19:26 IST

IMI Konnect looks at pandemic’s impact on education, business

Issues covered range from the MBA’s new contours to impact on business, and HR aspects of remote work

In these times when the pandemic is still widespread, and ‘social distancing’, ‘lockdown’, ‘isolation’ and ‘quarantine’ have become everyday terms across the globe, economies, businesses and families are fighting to survive the havoc created by the Covid-19 virus. The last four months have seen major disruptions in the supply chain, and stress on the economy and financial sector owing to falling demand. The economic downturn has put the livelihoods at millions at stake, apart from people’s fear of getting infected by the Coronavirus.

In this backdrop, IMI Konnect, an open-access scholarly publication, published quarterly from International Management Institute Kolkata, has brought out a special issue on “Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic” that includes a bunch of articles focusing on various issues related to management of the pandemic. The objective is to decipher a way out to save both lives and livelihoods. Academicians and practitioners have contributed the articles.

The changing MBA and State finances

One such article, titled “Management Education: Strategies for Overcoming Challenges during Covid-19” focuses on management education that has also seen big disruptions. Based on an online survey conducted with MBA aspirants, in order to understand how Covid-19 has changed their perspective of management education, the article finds that the majority of the aspirants had to tweak their plans for business education this year. Also, a preference towards local institutes is a new trend, owing to the pandemic. Most students are eager to know whether the courses would be offered online and they are concerned about their exposure to industry.

The article also presents a blueprint of some innovative measures for management education, involving aspects such as course curriculum and pedagogy, internships and placements, and quality of infrastructure. “It is the institute’s ability to focus on lasting changes, such as deploying digital technology at scale, stepping up and re-offering education, training and value to the student community in a healthy, safe and productive way, that will be the game-changer in the days to come”, the author concludes.

Another article deals with the role of sub-national finances and governance in Covid management by the States. The authors note that sound fiscal health is key to management of the pandemic. And a third piece provides us with an interesting take on scenario analysis to discern the growth curve of the pandemic.

HR, legal perspectives

The new norm of work-from-home has also caught the attention of academicians and practitioners alike and two articles discuss these issues widely from the HR and legal perspectives. The articles portray how communication plays a pivotal role for HR practitioners along with a change in the organisational structure, culture and individual habits and timings.

Those interested in quick tips on investing can delve between the lines of yet another article on the Indian equity market. The short- and long-term impact on financial performance of firms in a number of sectors are discussed in detail.

The Konnect issue also incorporates a pertinent article on global crude oil prices. And the publication sounds a positive note with enduring insights from a CEO on the possibilities of business expansion through new market entry in a candid interview.

The entire issue is available at https://imi-k.edu.in/imik/index.php/imi-konnect-nov-18.