24 July 2020 14:16:14 IST

Leading through a crisis must be inspirational: PG Raghuraman

Accenture MD explained the importance of resilient and disruption-ready leaders at IIM Ranchi

Speaking at the “Dare to Lead Through Crises” webinar hosted by Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, Dr PG Raghuraman, Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer — Growth Markets, Accenture, shared his practical knowledge on the importance of resilience in CEOs. Participants across India attended the webinar and an interactive session took place after the event.

Raghuraman has an overall experience of 31 years. He completed his MBA and PhD degree from IIM, Lucknow. He spoke of various topics in the session including broad-range macroeconomic crises, trade wars, pandemics such as Covid-19, rapid rise of the new digital and artificial intelligence in technologies, deep demographic shifts, and so on. Emphasising on resilience, he said, “Leading through crises is intentional and inspirational. One must remember that DARE signifies, D- Disruption-ready and digitally savvy, A- Adaptive and authentic, R- Resilient, and E- Excellence in execution.”

Director, IIM Ranchi, Dr Shailendra Singh provided an introduction to the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Centre for Leadership, Policy, and Governance (ABVCLPG), IIM Ranchi. He discussed the history of the centre, the dignitaries who had earlier visited the centre, and about the future of the centre.