24 October 2017 10:36:41 IST

Learning to endure the volatility of market forces at Prodigy XI

SSCBS organised four business simulations, as part of the conclave, for over 1,100 schools

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) organises Prodigy, an annual management conclave for senior secondary students, to propagate management as a discipline and harmonise the skill disparities of the nation. The event is a singular consortium of strategy building and resource allocation expounded through simulations conducted in a conducive corporate environment.


Taking forward the legacy of a decade, Prodigy XI: Colosseum of Causality, co-sponsored by Oriental Insurance, was organised on October 12 and October 13, to acquaint the students of classes XI and XII with the working of corporations by drawing a parallel between the Roman empire and the modern economy.

This colosseum pit the wise against the wiser, to endure the volatility of the market forces veiled by the stability of cause and effect in the economy. It welcomed students from over 1,100 schools of Odisha, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR.

Prodigy XI held its inauguration ceremony in the presence of Sanjeev Roy, key expert in higher education EU Public Diplomacy in India at AETS France for The European Union Delegation in India, and the principal of the institute, Poonam Verma. They re-enforced the idea of empirical learning and holistic transformation, principles that form the backbone of education at SSCBS. The address by the chief guest was followed by a series of simulations with an objective of testing and honing the knowledge, skills and understanding of the prodigies.

The Colosseum of Causality circumscribed four simulations, each designed to gauge the analytical, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and innovative abilities, and business acumen of the participants. Cogito Ergo Sum, the bidding quiz, witnessed participation in teams of two that put to test the knowledge of the young scholars. The wiser part, however, was their ability to gauge the knowledge of the room and bid to earn on their own.

A simultaneously conducted simulation — Dime or Dollar — placed the prodigies in the shoes of a real estate mogul, buying and selling properties enduring the fragilities of the economy. The qualified teams were, then, subjected to an inventory management simulation — Stacked Conundrum — where their decision to stock or supply decided the profits.

The concluding strategy simulation — The Suited Edifice — was set in the House of Decisions, where political parties influenced the public and each other to stay in power. The four simulations, together, defined the working of an economy.

The XI in Prodigy XI signified more than the number 11; it represented the first edition to be held at SSCBS’ new home. It was also the first to host an alumni talk with prestigious and influential figures of the industry.