02 Jul 2018 20:48 IST

LIBA conducts its first BMI session

Food King founder Sharath Babu shared his entrepreneurial journey with the students

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) organised the Beyond Management Initiative (BMI) session, which offers a unique opportunity for students to listen to and interact with experts from various fields and, thereby, benefit from their significant experiences and valuable insights. The BMI lecture series is held every Wednesday at LIBA.

In this session, Sharath Babu, Founder & CEO, Food King Catering, recalled his journey, from his days in a slum to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He shared his experience of converting every challenge and struggle into a golden opportunity.

Taking the students through his professional journey, Babu said, “Once, I read an article that said “30% of Indian population is below poverty line”. They go to bed with an empty stomach. That became the seat for my entrepreneurial dream. That’s when I decided I should start a business in the food industry. I went to IIM Ahmadabad with this single dream.”

It was an insightful and an inspiring interactive session.

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