06 Sep 2021 15:57 IST

LPU to send 150 students abroad on scholarship

Students will spend one semester at LPU’s foreign partner university on a 100 per cent scholarship

LPU is sending 150 students to foreign universities on a 100 per cent scholarship under the Semester Abroad Programme. Some of the leading universities that are part of the programme include University of Lethbridge Canada; IMT Lille Douai, France; Curtin University, Australia; Vilnius University, Lithuania; Mendel University, Czech Republic; Kings College London, Canada; Birmingham City University, United Kingdom, a release from the institute, said.

Early this year, LPU partnered with 43 foreign universities from 22 countries, including — Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, France and many more, for its students to spend a semester at a foreign university. Under the programme, LPU students would be able to study a full semester at LPU’s partner universities and will be awarded a degree from LPU. The arrangement will help students gain exposure to international education, culture and will enable them to network across borders.

Aman Mittal, Additional Director and Head, Division of International Affairs, LPU said, “LPU has been working with more than 200 universities across the globe and for many years. Such an experience teaches students a lot of skills, especially interpersonal communication, which is a must for any profession today. This ensures that the students' profile stands out during the placement process.”

In addition, LPU also offers an International Credit Transfer Programme. The university provides credit transfers to students for 28 programmes to 30 Universities in 10 countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Dubai, Malaysia and more. Under this programme, the initial 2 years are spent at LPU and the other 2 years abroad. The student is awarded a degree from the foreign partner university.