17 Sep 2021 19:58 IST

MAHE launches ‘Dr Ramdas M Pai Scholarship’

The scholarship is a 100 per cent course fee waiver for the remaining duration of the study at MAHE.

Scholarship’, a 100 per cent course fee waiver for students who lost their sole earning parent to Covid, to mark the 86th birthday of its founder Chancellor, Ramdas M Pai. The scholarship is in the form of a 100 per cent course fee waiver for the remaining duration of the study at MAHE. This scholarship scheme will come into effect from September 17.

Quoting Ranjan R Pai, President of MAHE Trust and Chairman of MEMG (Manipal Education and Medical Group), a statement said that MAHE places great importance to the welfare of its students. It has initiated many welfare measures keeping the interest of the students in view. The institution of ‘Dr Ramdas M Pai Scholarship’ on the occasion of the 86th birthday of the MAHE Chancellor is one such welfare measures that will benefit students of MAHE, who lose their sole earning parent during their course of study so that they do not face any financial hardship to complete their course. He said this scholarship will also be instituted in the other group universities — Manipal University, Jaipur; and Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok.

HS Ballal, Pro-Chancellor of MAHE, said MAHE is committed to taking all possible measures to provide relief to students during the period of Covid pandemic. “We have totally waived the tuition fees for students who have lost their bread earners due to Covid for the rest of the course. For other students, we have eased the fee rules wherein students have been allowed to pay their course fee in three equal instalments. We have adhered to the principals of MAHE that no meritorious students are denied admission or continuation of their respective courses due to financial constraints,” he said.

Lt Gen MD Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor of MAHE, said MAHE understands the difficulties faced by meritorious students and has many scholarships to help such needy meritorious students. ‘Dr Ramdas M Pai Scholarship’ is one more such measure that will benefit a large number of students.

Narayana Sabhahit, Registrar of MAHE, said that this new scholarship scheme is in addition to the scholarship announcement which was made in June where MAHE had offered a full course fee waiver to the students for the remaining duration of study who have unfortunately lost their father or mother who were the sole earning parent due to Covid. As on date, 56 students have taken this scholarship scheme, he said.