04 Aug 2020 21:38 IST

MDI Gurgaon develops platform to help students cope with Covid challenges

Besides leadership lessons, the forum helps participants improve psychological health and wellbeing

In order to develop self-leadership competencies and a positive outlook towards life during Covid-19, MDI Gurgaon has started a a unique learning platform called SELF —spirituality for executives and leadership forum.

The platform comes at a time when everyone is struggling to cope with the unprecedented challenges brought by Covid-19. SELF aims to prepare the participants to cope with these uncertainties affecting their personal and professional life.

As a part of the ongoing learning initiative, the members of SELF platform have planned to organise a line of online activities to bring together executives from various industries to be a part of these sessions or activities. These activities include, webinar on leadership philosophy and practices by top MDs and CEOs, online sports activities where a participant can challenge another participant on physical fitness, and cultural activities. These programmes have been focused to bring a positive change in the thought processes of the students, helping them with emotional regulation, improve psychological health, motivation levels, and overall wellbeing.

Speaking about this initiative, Prof Ajay K Jain, Dean, Executive Graduate Programmes and Consultancy, MDI Gurgaon, said, “The sudden change hasn’t been easy to accept. While tackling the Covid-19 pandemic is a mammoth challenge, filled with added stress and loneliness, SELF will help one learn how to manage these changes and build stability during these times.”

Recently SELF organised a webinar on “Business Opportunities in India – During and Post Covid.” The key speaker, Dr Emandi Sankara Rao, Chairman, Board of Governors, MDI, spoke about the various opportunities that presents itself during these challenging times and the way forward for the industry. Dr Rao also emphasised the importance of learning, unlearning and relearning to counter the chaotic business environment and to spend more time in improving competencies to deal with future business prospects.

The event was attended by more than 125 executives and faculty members from well-renowned institutions.