07 Sep 2019 16:02 IST

MICA hosts session on the art of story telling

Brands should evoke emotions first, says speaker Christopher Brace

MICA Ahmedabad, hosted a session on, ‘The Power of Storytelling’, on Friday, by an independent and leading marketing consultant from the US, Christopher Brace. He shared insights on the art and science of storytelling, and why stories drive consumers and shoppers.

Brace showcased a few digital and TV commercials and exemplified with a story that was communicated in an advertisement of a paper plate. The advertisement showed a large family dining together, thereby tapping on the emotional bond of enjoying a meal with one’s family, rather than thinking of doing the dishes post dinner — encouraging consumers to use paper plates.

“Ninety-five percent of decision-making process is in the sub-conscious mind. Hence, brands should align themselves around telling stories that should appeal people through emotions first, than logic,” he said.

Emphasising how to find a brand’s story, he said, “History of the brand is not your story. How many times, do you, as a consumer, engage in the history of your favourite brand? It is also not the attributes or the campaign idea. If your brand story changes as per campaigns, it is again not your brand story.”