16 Aug 2016 20:03 IST

MICA offers the best in left and right brain learning: Dean Preeti Shroff

Institute most suited to offer best candidates for digital jobs

Dr Preeti Shroff, Dean of MICA, Ahmedabad, believes ‘the school of ideas’ that specialises in communication is most suited to offer the best candidates for digital jobs.

“MICA graduates bring the entire package. In order to become digital experts, you have to understand consumers and relationships much better. Online consumer insight mining becomes important. Digital platforms are trying to engage with individual customers rather than go mass and in order to do that, you have to understand the profile of people, their backgrounds and so on.

“MICA is perfectly positioned for that, as we combine left and right brain learning. We are a school of ideas where we actually make sure students are experts in human behaviour and consumer insights mining and are also conversant with sophisticated techniques in the digital space.”

View the video for the full interview with Preeti Shroff.