25 Jun 2020 13:32 IST

MICA plans current affairs series to discuss global crisis

Speakers to discuss global developments to understand business transformation and societal impact

MICA, a school for strategic marketing and communications, has launched a global and current affairs series to help its students, alumni and the MICA community deal with the global crisis looming world over, says a press release from MICA.

The series titled ‘MI-Manthan’ is aimed at engaging with academic, corporate, community and government sector leaders for deep thinking and reflection focusing on human, institutional and societal resilience. The first session was held on June 19, 2020 with Santosh Desai, Managing Director & CEO, Future Brands Ltd and MICA Governing Council Member in conversation with students of MICA and Dr Preeti Shroff, Dean MICA.

Desai shared his views on 'Ways of reading change'. Commenting on the initiative, Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director, MICA, said, “The pandemic has compelled all of us to re-imagine how we virtually deliver an engaging and holistic learning experience for our students. Moreover, we need to address a number of key topics that have become part of the new normal. Foremost among them is resilience at the personal, organisational, social and national level. Our MI-Manthan at MICA kicks off with that.”

Global impact

Sharing more details on the same, Dr Shroff said, “The Covid-19 crisis and global impact are transforming global-national-local governance, workplaces and education. The MICA-Manthan 2020 Series (Deep Reflection and Resilience) is launched to reflect on deeper issues and evolving strategies for collective responses. The focus of the series is on human, institutional and societal resilience.” This series is inspired by Prof. Jagdish Sheth at Emory University, US.

"As part of the series, a range of distinguished speakers will be invited to discuss global and current affairs to understand business transformation and societal impact. MICA students will lead this series and benefit from academic, corporate, government and community leaders-speakers’ life experiences and work strategies.” Dr. Shroff concluded, “These talks will also serve as critical discussion for various course sessions at MICA and will be part of the curriculum needs for global and current affairs learning.” Keeping up with the changing time, in March, MICA pivoted from in-person classes to online and is all geared to launch its orientation programme online.