08 Jul 2020 17:27 IST

MICA podcast series focuses on Covid impact in various domains

Student-run initiative; episodes on creativity, finance, luxury market, media and human behaviour

As the world copes with the pandemic, MICAST - MICA’s official podcast, recently launched a new series that focuses on stories, insights and thought-provoking conversations on the impact of Covid-19 in various sectors.

The new series titled ‘The New Norm’, feature six faculty members from MICA, Ahmedabad, who share their reflections during the lockdown, how the industry has changed, the disruption, significant risks and how to thrive in the coming days.

The six episodes, recorded remotely, will have conversations around the domains of creativity, finance, luxury market, media, human behavior and operations and supply chain management. The new season curated, hosted and edited by second year students Piyush Goswami and Nitpreet Chawla, was challenging as it involved remote recording.

Remote editing

Speaking about his experience, Piyush said, “It was a challenging task as we had to manage, coordinate, record and edit remotely. Hence there were a lot of technicalities to be sorted to deliver a strong show. This was compounded with the fact that we were involved in our internships and classes around the same time. But the entire effort and experience was enriching.”

While Piyush brought with him brought with him an experience of hosting and managing a radio show as part of MICAVAANI, MICA’s community radio station, Nitpreet brought in with her an experience of public speaking. She said, “This was my first time as host of a Podcast. While I have had the opportunity to speak publicly on stage multiple times, the experience of being behind the mic, which in our case was headsets, and having a one-to-one conversation was phenomenal. For me, the biggest learning was the curation and conceptualising part. We knew that the content had to be relevant and should add value to our lives.”


Rapid fire round

“The feeling of satisfaction after releasing every episode is worth the effort that we have put in and hopefully, this series will be a success,” the students said.

Each episode will have two segments, while the first part will focus on the domain area, the second part will have a rapid fire round with the professors. A student-run initiative, ‘The New Norm’ is available on Google podcast, Apple podcast, Spotify and Jio Saavn.

MICAST, a student run initiative, was launched in January this year, and reflects happenings at MICA, conversations, interviews, analysis and in-depth programming on a variety of topics with faculty, alumni, guests and speakers. The idea of MICAST is to create and consume intelligent programming through podcasts too.