31 Jan 2020 19:39 IST

MICA provides a talent platform for 200 village children

Unicef was title sponsor of event where children showcased their dance and theatre skills

MICA, Ahmedabad, concluded the 11th edition of ‘Aapno Manch’, a flagship event of MICA’s community radio station MICAVAANI, in which nearly 200 students of the neighbouring primary schools of Shela and Telav showcased their talent in the form of dance, skit, drama, oration, and also walked the ramp.

The theme was ‘Sapno ki Udaan’ and the students were trained by students of MICA over a period of 15 days. There were collaborative events also arranged on-the-spot like the fashion show, in which two MICA students mentored two children each from the villages, prepared a theme, arranged clothes for the children and made them ready to walk the ramp.

After lighting the lamp, MICA President and Director Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta narrated the story ‘Nani ki Naav’ from the famous film Aashirwad and entertained the children.

Nilam Goswami, Principal, Shela primary school, said, “These students are extremely talented but their talent is never visible due to lack of platform. Through Aapno Manch, the students have been able to showcase their creativity. Also, interacting with MICA students, our children get immense motivation and confidence to study further. All of this also results in positive behaviour changes.”

A platform to express

Over 300 people from the villages came together. Among the title sponsors for the event was Unicef, which has been working on various social issues related to children.

A student and member of MICAVAANI Juhi Shah said: “It was an overwhelming experience. The enthusiasm of the children motivated us to work hard and make this event even grander. They surprised us with their talent and the amazing performances they put up. We had smiles on our face all throughout the event, looking at them having fun.”

Aapno Manch began in 2009 with an aim to give village children a platform to express themselves. Team members from MICAVAANI said: “We wanted to give them an experience of an annual day. The event is a window for MICAVAANI to connect to the people we cater to in an environment where we can freely bond with them and understand their perspectives, so that we can deliver content that enriches their lives.”