24 May 2021 20:57 IST

MICA revamps curriculum for post-Covid industry

The first-year students will have to take the MICA Annual Competency Assessment test

MICA has introduced mandatory curriculum innovations such as MICA competencies assessment, dissertation study for industry research, and industry preparedness jury reviews — to enable students for a post-Covid world. Starting the new academic year, first-year management programme students will be required to take and clear the MICA Annual Competency Assessment test across all subject areas.

Improving adapatability

This assessment will be apart from the regular exams which are subject-specific. The idea is to assess the student’s ability to apply knowledge learned across subject areas to address complex issues and develop business and customer management strategies in a digital world. The institute has also mandated a dissertation study programme spanning over two years. The students will select an industry-relevant research theme such as digital business transformation, sports marketing, AI and data management, luxury marketing, post-Covid governance. They will work for two years to conduct in-depth academic and industry research with the assigned advisors and mentors.

The students will be required to submit their dissertation study at the end of the PGP programme as a graduating requirement. Speaking about these innovations, Dr Preeti Shroff, Dean, MICA, said, “Tomorrow’s industry professionals and societal leaders will require cutting-edge knowledge, global adaptability, and industry research abilities for futuristic insights. They must have the ability to lead digital business transformation, change management and strategy development, customer insights and analysis, integrated marketing, creative communications, and data analytics across industries.”

Curriculum innovations

“The MICA curriculum innovations will ensure that MICA students learn deep research and create knowledge to facilitate innovative problem-solving in the industry. Also, many will pursue academic careers in India and abroad.”

Thirdly, the institute has also introduced ‘Connect the Dot Jury’ to assess student’s industry preparedness by external industry experts and the MICA alumni jury. Students will be given live case scenarios to connect the dots across subjects to address industry scenarios and solve specific problems. “Connect the Dots jury will represent a range of industry and alumni leaders who will test students' theoretical, conceptual, practical, and professional knowledge to address live industry and global situations in a boot camp format. At the end of the term, they will appear in a Viva format to engage with the assigned jury,” concluded Dr Shroff.