28 Sep 2015 18:22 IST

“A transparent culture, with ample opportunities for everyone"

In this piece, I talk about my summer internship at Wipro Technologies

Wipro Technologies offers a very structured summer internship programme. For which, it takes about 150 students from some top business schools across India. They offer a diverse set of roles ranging from marketing and HR to finance and IT operations, keeping in mind the preference and prior work experience of the prospective interns.

With a background in IT before joining IIM Rohtak for my PGDM, I felt that Wipro was an ideal company to gain insight into the corporate world from the management perspective. The company has a simple transparent culture, with ample opportunities for everyone, including temporary interns like us.

Hands on experience

After an informative two-days orientation session, where all the interns had the opportunity to interact with some of Wipro’s senior-most managers to understand the company’s culture, we were all sent to our respective offices across the country. I was sent to one of Wipro’s NCR offices and was given an IT operations based project in the Global Media and Telecom vertical. I was also allocated a mentor who spent a considerable amount of effort in explaining to me the nature of the project, my deliverables and the subsequent review process which would take place.

The internship project given to me was to measure and improve the operating efficiency of an existing project which had 15 teams working for it. I spent my initial days understanding the functionality and working methodology of each of the teams. Having gauged a basic understanding of each of the teams, I then interacted with their members, both junior and senior, to develop a detailed process flow for their daily work items.

Mentoring was key

With the help of my mentor, I then identified gaps in the process and gave specific recommendations regarding automation scope within teams and proposed an operating model which would help reduce the redundancy of work. These efforts led to a considerable increase in the available bandwidth for the teams which allowed them to get more work done with the same number of resources.

In this time, I had the pleasure to become acquainted with several of my fellow interns. These were some of the brightest minds from across the top B-Schools. The kind of bond formed with them was something that only happens during internships. But it was also a lesson for life, that getting along well with your fellow colleagues was vital to maintaining a healthy balance in your work life. After all, the more friendly faces you surround yourself with, the happier you will be!

Being recognised

During the course of my internship, I was able to leverage both my pre-MBA IT experience and the management concepts taught in class. As a result, my efforts in the project were well appreciated by my mentor and I was given the opportunity to present my findings to Wipro’s senior management. Overall, working for Wipro Technologies was a pleasant, enriching and fruitful experience.

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