05 Oct 2015 17:40 IST

Exciting days on Dalal Street

The BSE Institute offers students a hands-on experience and a chance to interact with industry veterans

Dalal Street. The name immediately brings to mind the busy, bustling environs of Bombay Stock Exchange, with all the excitement around it.

“Sir, aaj stock market mein kaunsa stock ghatega? Kaunsa stock accha hai?” people keep asking each other on the busy Dalal Street. A crowd of people, many sipping coffee or tea, gazes at the live stock prices that constantly crawl across the mega LCD display on the Bombay Stock Exchange building.

I was surprised when even the local tea-seller asked the people around if the prices of certain stocks had shot up or gone down! It kind of scared me because everyone here talks and understands the language of the stock market!

Finance is something I have always feared, and my heart started beating faster as I first walked into this iconic building. Little did I know that studying here would change my outlook on this subject forever. This is the scene I would get to see every morning when I enrolled for a Post-Graduate Programme in Global Financial Markets (PGPGFM) at the BSE Institute Ltd.

Two years of this journey have only left me asking for more. Today, I can proudly say that not only has my perception and understanding of the financial markets changed, but that I have also become more interested in this field. I have even acquired a knack for it, now that I am pursuing a career in this field.

Hands-on experience

The course on Global Financial Markets, which is a concurrent programme, provides hands-on knowledge about cash, derivatives, mutual funds and banking coordinates. It is covered over four semesters, followed by one semester of industrial practice.

Not only is the teaching methodology here interesting, but it is also very engaging. Students undergo practical sessions on capital markets and are trained to trade in the equity and forex markets. The knowledge that the faculty possesses is vast and we are taught using real time audio-visual examples, which makes the learning more fascinating.

The BSE has many conferences and financial events conducted in its huge convention hall, which was the erstwhile ‘trading ring’. As the course is conducted within the BSE premises, we get the opportunity to participate and interact with industry veterans during various events. And such interactions only enrich our learning experience.

Student fests

Apart from academics, there are also recreational fests that take place at this educational centre on the Dalal Street.

Torque, BSE Institute’s popular cultural fest, was also theSilver Jubilee celebration of the BSE Institute.

Students from all BSE’s full-time and part-time programmes competed in a variety of events over three days. Colourful posters were put up by the organising committee, telling everyone that the most awaited event had arrived.

Students brainstormed over innovative indoor games, took part in arts and craft events and had a whale of a time participating in management games. They didn’t hold back when it came to showcasing their talents in cultural and sporting events either.

I feel privileged to be a part of this institute, which in itself is an epitome of knowledge. My nervousness has transformed into passion, and a girl who once feared stocks is turning into a master of the game.

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