16 Oct 2017 17:50 IST

Getting the right depth of experience

Interning at Gartner helped me get closer to my goal — and prepared me for the upcoming placements

There’s an amazing satisfaction in driving a product to the market and introducing it to people. When you see stock inventory being positively impacted by you or your ability to sell, the feeling you get is magical!

I realised all this while working with a company that sold ERP solutions to schools and institutes. I had just completed BSc in Computer Science when I started working for them. While I was supposed to stick to the technical aspects of things, life had other plans — it pushed me towards sales and marketing. I enjoyed this complete domain swap more than I realised. My job was taking me places and I could beat smaller targets easily, sailing through them. In no time, I realised that I needed to up my game to grow in this field.

After considering all the options I had, I zeroed in on FORE School of Management, New Delhi for various reasons. The B-School’s PGDM programme has, so far, delivered some of the leading business thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the country. Considering its formidable reputation in sales and marketing and the associated faculty, I joined the class of 2016-2018.

A new horizon

After I joined, a completely new horizon opened up for me. With a class full of students from various parts of India, packed study hours, interesting case studies, rigorous sessions, relevant seminars, focused workshops, multiple industry interfaces, regular alumni connects, live projects, and tight deadlines for assignments, my first year at FORE was over in the blink of an eye — before summer internship arrived.

After an elaborate screening process with Gartner Inc. (an American IT research and advisory firm), I was selected to join their Business Development Executive’s office.

My typical day at work involved streamlining meetings with CEOs, MDs, and CMOs of large client organisations. These top-level executives were essentially men and women who influenced decisions of blue chip companies!

Of course, things weren’t easy. In every move I made, I had to ensure that my confidence spoke for me. I was learning the practical application of business communication components each day — I could put the theories of ‘elevator pitch’ into practice. My day started at 9 am and, at times, continued for 10 hours at a stretch.

Even though it was hectic, there wasn’t one dull moment at work. With amazing mentors backing me at both Gartner Inc. and my management school, not a day went by when I didn’t pick up new lessons from my seniors, watching them manifest positive results.

The three months’ summer stint helped me reach closer to my goal of evolving as a successful sales and marketing professional in the world of corporate honchos and big names. I didn’t let go of a single opportunity offered by my internship and I can say quite confidently that today, I am prepared for my upcoming final placements.