28 Dec 2016 17:39 IST

‘I knew I made the right career choice’

A Sony building in California | Reuters

In My Internship, Khusbu Shrivastava from IMI-New Delhi talks about interning with Sony Pictures Network

Being a fresher with a background in sociology and media studies, I had always intended to join the media industry. So, when an internship opportunity with Sony Pictures Network (SPN) came up, it seemed nothing less than a dream come true.

When I was told that SPN would visit IMI New Delhi for summer internship, I knew it was a now-or-never situation. I gave it my best, and consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to intern, and now finally bag a placement with, Sony Pictures Network India Pvt Ltd.

Structured programme

The internship programme at SPN is very well-thought-out and structured. The company takes its summer internship programme very seriously, but at the same time, doesn’t fail to pamper its interns.

The initial couple of days made it very clear that my endeavour with the company was going to be intellectually stimulating and exciting. The first day comprised introductory sessions with representatives of various departments and a two-hour-long interaction with the CEO, NP Singh.

This only goes to show the importance the internship programme holds in SPN’s eyes. To have a meaningful, receptive and enlightening conversation with the CEO of the company was definitely not something that I had expected. But it all went well.

The project

My project was with the Sony Max team, and was primarily based on market research and strategic management of the free-to-air Hindi movie space. I believe one key aspect of my stint was the opportunity to network with the who’s who of the organisation.

My mentor for the project was Udayan Shukla, Senior VP and Programming head for Sony Max, Sony Max2, Sony Max HD, and Sony Wah — a free-to-air channel which was launched during my internship. My assigned buddies were Gangaraju SS, Senior Manager and Head of Research — Hindi Movies and Music Genre plus Marketing — and Vijay Gattani, Head — Presentation and Strategy, Hindi Movie Cluster.

Without their immense support, guidance and openness, it wouldn’t have been such an enriching journey. I was encouraged to ask questions and had the freedom to give my own direction to the project. I had the liberty to walk up to not only my assigned mentor and buddies but other team members in different functions or roles, including people from top management.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on my project and loved the exposure I received. If anything, it has reinforced my belief that I have made the right career choice. It undoubtedly left me asking for more.

What I learnt

My biggest takeaway would be the long-term relationships and connections I forged with my fellow interns and colleagues at SPN. The exposure I got through the internship is unparalleled.

I gained deeper insights into the media industry and developed a better understanding of the business. It added more weight to the belief that professionalism is the key to success and that you need to take any opportunity offered to you to further your career.

As for IMI New Delhi, I am grateful for the pedagogy as well as the professionalism and discipline that my two years there imbued in me. And as I enter the penultimate stage of my MBA, I consider my journey at IMI New Delhi to have been fulfilling and I know that I will walk away from it a better individual.