12 Aug 2015 15:57 IST

"I learnt to take ownership of my work"

But it wasn’t all roses. I also faced a few challenges in the course of my internship at Snapdeal

I interned in the marketing division of Snapdeal. My project entailed designing a platform for content towards their fashion category. The project had a timeline of 8 weeks.

I started with secondary research. This lasted the first 3 weeks on the job, and another 2-2.5 weeks were spent on primary research. The remainder was spent on data assimilation and recommendations. Snapdeal did not have a structure in place with respect to its internship programme. It was left to me, hence, to take ownership of my work and drive it from the initiation stage till the end.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and enjoyed taking responsibility. It also meant that my creativity and work was never hindered.

On the job

My two-month experience at Snapdeal was truly very enlightening. I learnt how an e-commerce company functions, and how one needs to be flexible and dynamic while on the job to succeed. With respect to the job role, I learnt the the nuances of content marketing, the various stakeholders present the fashion industry, how social media is shaping people’s opinions and how all of this fits into an e-commerce industry’s framework. I received hands-on experience and exposure into what I’ll be looking to do, once I graduate from my B-school.

Challenges galore

But it wasn’t all roses. I also faced a few challenges in the course of my internship. Within the first week, my project got changed, and so did my mentors. This put me off a little. Also, since it was a ‘typical’ start-up culture that operated at Snapdeal, I had to really pursue people to give me time, if I needed help. I also had to think through all my doubts and questions in detail so as to optimally use the little time I got from my mentor.

The one moment there that I will never forget is when a graduation day was arranged for us, where they gave us mock degrees like those one would receive at a B-school convocation, followed by a session where all the interns got together and composed an intern anthem.

All said and done, it was truly a memorable experience.

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