21 Sep 2015 17:05 IST

Interning for a cause

My six-week-long internship at Sankalp India Foundation

As I set foot in Bangalore, I knew it would be an excellent six weeks. I’d spoken to my to-be boss at Sankalp. The people sounded wonderful.

My first task was to match blood samples and data for donor reactions. Donor reactions are an important part of blood donation, but are often overlooked by most blood banks and other organisations. My task entailed matching data on the systems with offline data on forms, which took place over the larger part of my first week. During that week, I also got to attend my first blood donation camp.

Over the following five weeks, I organised over 20 blood donation camps. I loved organising these camps, as I got to meet many interesting people. I even met a woman at one of the IT firms who happens to be my classmate at IIM-Indore!

I began as a curious newbie, and eventually grew to become an enthusiastic human being, willing to come back and stay forever. It is the small things that matter, because the big picture, or even the thought of the big picture, would be non-existent without them. I felt at home; I felt like I was actually being useful, I felt like I learnt something new, something that would stay with me forever, every passing minute. Every little thing seemed perfect, but of course, like everything in the world, you can keep moving to perfection.

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