20 Jul 2021 01:37 IST

Pandemic did not hamper internship learning

‘A summer internship is imperative for an MBA student. This experience boosted my self-confidence immensely.’

As part of a huge batch and with the current Covid scenario, we all dreaded the possibility of cancelled internships and worried whether or not we would get the right opportunities to learn. But we are lucky to be a part of the SBM NMIMS Mumbai community. With the right guidance and efforts of our faculty members, we secured our internships successfully. Our internships were a light of hope. The entire process was smooth sailing, and Covid did not hamper learning in any way, thankfully.

I teemed with excitement and nervousness before I began my summer internship and my faculty mentor made it easier for me to go the whole hog with my work.

During my two-month internship at the portfolio management company Unifi Capital Private Ltd, I spent time in productive research which gave me an overview of the current economy. I learnt about the factors that would have a major impact on the changing consumption patterns of the different classes of society and the intensity of their impact. We researched and found the different industries that would have a bearing on the consumption pattern basis their compounded annual growth rate and analysed companies in India that were likely to see a whopping demand in the forthcoming years. It was a great learning experience for me and I am glad I could apply my classroom learnings in a real-world setting.

A summer internship is imperative for every MBA student. This experience boosted my self-confidence immensely. It was a golden chance to be mentored and to discover my potential. I got to interact with students from other B-Schools which led to healthy peer learning. My growth journey was gradual but steady. At my organisation, there was no urge to expedite for the sake of finishing the project. I submitted my best work and put a lot of thought and effort into everything I did.

Along with my rigorous efforts, my faculty and organisation mentors were always there in times of need. They not only encouraged me but also went out of their way, more than once, to help me at every step.

As an aspirant looking to establish a name for herself in the corporate world, I extend a heartfelt thank you to SBM NMIMS Mumbai for believing in me and helping me evolve and reinvent myself through learning, growth, and persistence.

(The writer is currently pursuing her MBA from SBM NMIMS Mumbai. She is a part of the Student Council and is passionate about a career in finance. She likes to sing, is extremely creative, and is always eager to learn new things and explore fresh ideas.)