16 Jan 2018 17:28 IST

NIT Trichy to host Pragyan Youth Summit as part of Pragyan

The summit is scheduled to be held on January 20 at The Westin, Chennai

Pragyan Youth Summit (PYS) is an annual forum of active discussion and debate organised by Pragyan, the techno-managerial fest of NIT, Trichy. Started in 2016, the summit is scheduled to be held on January 20 at The Westin, Chennai.

Hosting renowned technocrats and entrepreneurs, PYS 2018 is all set to offer a holistic package comprising a panel discussion, a youth talk, a keynote speech, a smart city development workshop and a unique pitchfest.

Centred around the theme ‘Mission smart cities’, the summit aims to discuss the role of emerging technologies such as internet of things and artificial intelligence in the evolution of smart cities.

Smart cities

The discussion, themed ‘Changing technology for future cities’, will be moderated by Samuel Raja D, Founder of How India Lives. Panellists include Amiya Kumar Sahu (President, National Solid Waste Association of India), Karuna Gopal (Founder, Foundation for Futuristic Cities), Amitabh Satyam (Chief Mentor, Smart City Transformations) and Srinivasa Raghavan Venkatachari (Principal Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services).

The keynote speech will be delivered by Bipin Kumar, Co-founder and Director at Gaia Smart Cities. It will give the delegates a clearer perspective on the idea of smart cities as he has been in the field of telecommunication for over 17 years. He’s also the Chairman of the Smart City Group for TEC Department of Telecom, the Ministry of Communication, Government of India.

Pitchfest, the signature feature of the summit, gives students and young entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their ideas and receive holistic feedback and recognition.

Youth talk

In line with the Smart Cities mission, the summit strives to bring out the best of ideas, thus paving way for an inclusive developmental plan. Additionally, participants may be rewarded with exciting opportunities for internships or incubations after their pitch. To emphasise the power of thoughts of the youth, Siddharth Hande, Founder and CEO of Kabadiwalla Connect, will deliver a youth talk.

A workshop on the development of smart cities will be organised by CISCO Systems Inc on the technology of Connected Digital Platform and IoT as strategies to securely connect everything — people, data, devices and processes — for optimised efficiency. The course, requiring no prerequisite knowledge, will cover programming and architecture with CDP, among other topics.

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