26 Jun 2021 10:46 IST

OUP launches skill development books for MBA and engineering students

The series of books help students accelerate their learning of internet technology, marketing, and ML

Oxford University Press, India, has recently launched a series of Skill Development Books to help engineering and MBA students accelerate their learning of internet technology, marketing and machine learning in a “home learning setup,” and to prepare students them further for employability in their chosen fields.

The book by Internet of Things, written by Dr Surya Durbha and Dr Jyoti Joglekar, priced at ₹625, is designed for students of computer science, information technology, and electronics and communication engineering, to understand the interconnection and integration of the physical world with the cyber space and begin designing and developing simple IoT devices.

Analytics is taking up an increasingly larger role in a marketer’s everyday decision-making. The book Marketing Analytics: For Strategic Decision-Making, by Moutusy Maity and Pavankumar Gurazada, has been written from a marketing perspective to provide a comprehensive overview of the analytical methods that are pertinent and important for a marketer through illustrations that make use of appropriate data sets and apply software such as R, SPSS and Excel. It is priced at ₹550.

Machine Learning by Dr S Sridhar and Dr M Vijayalakshmi is designed as a textbook for undergraduate and post-graduate students of engineering. It provides a comprehensive coverage of fundamentals of machine learning. The book provides a perfect balance between theoretical and mathematical exposition with several numerical examples, review questions, and Python programs. It will also be useful for engineering professionals and IT employees who want to learn the basics of the subject.