23 Sep 2021 21:17 IST

Sarvadh Sathiaram wins the International Business Olympiad

26 teams from 16 countries competed in the finals

Sarvadh Sathiaram, an eleventh grade student of Akshar Arbol International School in Chennai, has won the International Business Olympiad (IBO) 2021. He won a gold medal with the highest score of 372.5 and the Individual Aggregated Award. Two UK students won the second and third place.

26 teams from 16 countries competed in the finals held on August 14 and 15. The top 130 selected students competed against each other across three modules — objective test, interactive objective case, and open case analysis. The winners were selected based on their overall aggregate score across these three modules. The jury for this year’s Olympiad included faculty and professors from Harvard Business School, Imperial College Business School London, John Hopkins Carey Business School, New York University (NYU), and McKinsey & Company.

Sathiaram qualified for the IBO by qualifying as ‘Global Top 5’ in the World Business Future Leaders Cup held in February 2021. He also finished first in the interactive objective case module and the team from Akshar Arbol International School, and finished second in the case analysis team event.