10 Jan 2019 17:38 IST

Shiksha rolls out IIM, non-IIM Call Predictor for CAT takers

The predictor will help CAT takers to estimate calls from over 250 colleges across India

Shiksha has launched an IIM & non-IIM Call Predictor on its portal Shiksha.com.

There are about 1.5 lakh CAT takers who have started filling application for colleges based on their CAT 2018 performance. The newly-launched tool aims to help students short-list which colleges (IIM and non-IIM) they may get based on their CAT score and focus on preparing for the qualitative round.

The call predictor asks users to enter their personal details, academic details, work experience, CAT score (expected or actual score) and individual percentile of all three sections, along with their overall score and overall percentile, to predict their eligibility and chances of getting a call from a list of over 250 colleges.

Vivek Jain, Chief Business Officer, Shiksha.com, says, “This is the first time we have launched the IIM & non-IIM Call Predictor, and are very excited about it. We would appreciate feedback and inputs from users, so that we can make it more suitable for students.”

Shiksha launched the call predictor by integrating results based on the scores and profiles of the 2017 call-getters. Besides cut-off details of the college, it also shows review rating of the college, duration of courses and course fees. In case of similar results, they are further sorted on the basis of review rating of the college. For non-IIMs, there is a short-list button on the page, which will help students get more information on the college.