20 April 2022 14:23:42 IST

SP Jain launches global hackathon for coding enthusiasts

SP Jain School of Global Management has launched a global hackathon, set to happen on April 22, for students between the ages of 16 to 19. The event is designed to attract young tech and coding enthusiasts from across the country to test their skills and develop innovative solutions.

The hackathon is an initiative by the students of Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) programme. The three-year full-time undergraduate programme is designed to prepare graduates who can conduct data-driven investigations and visual and advanced analytics by acquiring and managing data of all types.

Dr Abhijit Dasgupta, Director of SP Jain’s Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) programme, said, “Our Global Hackathon aims to become a platform for talented young minds to come together and learn to code and find innovative solutions to real-life problems. While participants will be coding their way through a series of obstacles of varying difficulty levels, at the end of the day, we want them to enjoy themselves and fuel their passion for computer science.”