04 Jun 2020 15:18 IST

IIMB takes steps to improve peer learning in virtual EPGP course

Enhanced mentorship by way of extra tutorials help

Before the commencement of the one-year EPGP 2020-21 session, I was very excited to be a part of premier institution of IIM Bangalore. However, the excitement was short-lived as Covid-19 posed an unprecedented challenge to the start of my MBA journey.

Online sessions were the only way to take the first step towards our learning. Though IIMB was very considerate towards the students’ concerns, there were certain apprehensions as to how the experience would turn out. The session commenced with the Virtual Inauguration, which introduced the entire cohort to the college faculty and the management. To my surprise, the classes were planned to be of apt duration, unlike those at other management institutes.

Connectivity challenges

When the classes started, it took a while to streamline things and get used to the processes. There were many challenges relating to connectivity, especially for people with limited internet options and electricity issues. The major missing aspect of online sessions is the lack of peer interaction, which is the essence of an MBA experience.

However, since the show must go on, I tried specific workarounds to cope with the connectivity issues. The institute helped us improve peer interactions by dividing the class into groups for project purposes and online discussions using online conferencing tools.

The mentorship provided by IIMB professors is one of a kind, and is enhanced by extra inputs in the form of tutorials and online resources. During these worrying Covid times, where most of the institutes are struggling to keep up, IIMB is undoubtedly providing comprehensive learning which is one of the best, given the current situation.

(The author comes from an engineering background with diverse experience ranging from  being a Systems Engineer at Infosys Ltd. to an Assistant Manager at National Fertilizers Ltd. Her career includes a stint as an entrepreneur too.)