30 Jun 2015 15:21 IST

Thapar University partners with Dublin’s Trinity College

Trinity College, Dublin

The agreement comes in wake of the contemporisation programmes at Thapar University

Thapar University and University of Dublin’s Trinity College have partnered to promote academic collaboration in undergraduate programmes and research. The President and Provost of Trinity College, Patrick Prendergast, and President of Thapar University, Gautam Thapar, signed the agreement in Delhi recently.

The agreement comes in wake of the contemporisation programme that Thapar University is undertaking. It will also contribute to Trinity College’s global engagement in attracting high-calibre students.

International award

Thapar University will align its engineering curriculum with that of Trinity College. Eligible students, who have completed two years of undergraduate engineering programmes at Thapar University, can progress into the third year undergraduate degree programmes in civil, mechanical, biomedical, electronic, computer, and electronics and computer engineering, at Trinity College.

After they complete the third and fourth years of the Trinity programme and are assessed, students will receive a Trinity College Dublin award. Once they secure the degree, qualified students can pursue a Masters qualification at Trinity, by completing one additional year at the university.

Thapar University and Trinity College are also looking to collaborate in other areas of academia and research. The contemporisation programme also involve funding of two senior academics, working on joint research developments between the two institutions.

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