16 Feb 2021 16:26 IST

Why handwriting matters for MBA aspirants

SIBM Pune is going to use graphology to get some insights about the candidates seeking admissions

If you want to do an MBA course in one of the premier B-schools in India, your handwriting might play a crucial role. Admission for an MBA programme for the academic year 2021 has started and due to the Covid-19 pandemic almost all B-schools are conducting the admission process online.

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune (SIBM Pune) is also conducting the selection process using the online mode. Nearly one hundred thousand students wrote the Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP), a national level competitive exam, from which around 4,000 students have been shortlisted for the next step of the admissions process.


But it is not easy to evaluate the candidates for all aspects using the online mode of evaluation. To ensure that the selection process is robust, SIBM Pune is going to use graphology to get some insights about the aspirants seeking admissions. Graphology or handwriting analysis is the study of an individual's handwriting sample done to make judgements about the individual's personality traits or tendency to behave in certain ways.

All the aspirants who are appearing for the admission process were asked to write a specific set of statements and sign the same and uploaded it on the portal created for this purpose. Thereafter the handwriting was analysed and specific traits about the candidate was created which will be shared with the panellists.

Personality analysis


R Raman, SIBM, Director



SIBM Director R Raman said specific traits include the aspirant’s ability and inclination to learn new things and enjoy new experiences and traits like being insightful and imaginative and having a wide variety of interests. He added that many organisations today use handwriting analysis for hiring middle and top management jobs and SIBM Pune has followed the same and has innovated the admission process.

“This is possibly the first time that an Indian B-school is using graphology to help in selecting the right students for its management programme,” R Raman said. The analysis is being done by a SIBM Pune start-up ECRIVONS, founded by Amya Madan. The start-up specialises in graphology and gives insights into what handwriting reveals about a person.