19 Nov 2020 19:04 IST

XIMB media cell hosts Communique 2020

Seventh edition of Communique will showcase discussions on marketing and brand storytelling

lluminatiX, the Media and PR Cell of XIMB, is all set to conduct the seventh edition of Communiqué, the Annual Media Conclave, at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar on November 22. This year, the theme is ‘Brand Storytelling,’ to establish relevancy and discuss the many brands that sustained through the uncertainties of the pandemic through their innovative art of storytelling.





The seventh edition of Communiqué will feature speakers discussing the brand secrets behind some interesting ad campaigns. The panel will include Nilesh Mahajan, Vice-President, Reliance Jio; Prashant Taneja, Senior Brand Manager, Flipkart; Shahbaaz Mohammed, Senior Brand Manager, Zydus Wellness Ltd; and Bodh Deb, Vice-President and Branch Head, AutumnGrey.

The panellists will bring their expertise to the table and explore different aspects of defining a brand through a story using innovation and creativity.

(BusinessLine on Campus (BLoC) is XIM-Bhubaneswar’s Digital Media Partner for the Communique event.)