19 Sep 2017 19:38 IST

XIMB to host Business Excellence Summit

The Institute at Bhubaneshwar is celebrating its 30th year with the vision building exercise

Xavier Institute of Management, Bubhaneswar is celebrating 30 years of distinguished service in the field of academics, business and contributions to the society.

A statement from the institute says: "This landmark has been achieved due to the collaborative efforts of the management, faculty, students, and the entire Xavier fraternity. This is an occasion for the institute to reflect over the past, celebrate the present and share its vision for the future. Towards this end, XIMB is convening a Business Excellence Summit on September 22 and 23 at its campus in Bhubaneswar."

The summit will be attended by 30 distinguished alumni, spanning 30 years. The celebration intends to bring together alumni from across industries, generating an amalgam of ideas that will inspire the next leg of the institute's journey.

This is an opportunity for the students and faculty to interact, celebrate, discuss, reflect and collaborate. The central theme of the event is building the vision for XIMB at 40, congruent with a world that is volatile, uncertain, confused and ambiguous (vuca).

Some of the distinguished alumni who will be present at the BES event are Mrinalini Khusape, Head Special Projects (Skoda); Sunita Raut, Head HR-South East Asia (IKEA); Ashok Dash, Director (Microsoft); AL Jagannath, Director (VM Ware); Ashish Kumar Pati, COO (Care Hospitals); PC Joseph, Head Technology Infrastructure (Wells Fargo); Ayaskant Sarangi, Senior VP HR (Wipro); Siddharth Rath, Group Executive (Axis Bank); Simanta Mohanty, Consultant; Susanta Mishra, CEO Placidvision; Rajnish Bhasin, MD (Borges International Group); Nilanjan Roy, Head of Global Health and Benefits (Cigna TTK); Vijay Sinha, Senior VP (JSW); Chittaranjan Mohanty, Head of AM Shared Services (JP Morgan Chase); Lalit Desiraju, Senior Director (Capgemini); Sreeprakash Hota, Director (HSBC); Sanjeev Ambasta, Senior VP (Piaggio); Chandrasekhar Chitrala, MD (Catalyst IT solutions); Subrat Sarangi, Academician; Ashok Singha, MD (CTRAN consulting); Om Prakash Agarwal, CEO, Plastend; Krishna KV, Vice-President (Yes Bank); Debu Mishra, Partner (Deloitte); and Vijay Sinha, Senior VP (JSW).

The event will feature leadership talks by the alumni, as well as panel discussions and interviews with them. The Xavier fraternity has always believed in the confluence of business and society, and this event hopes to reflect this ideology, the statement says.


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