16 Jan 2018 19:10 IST

XLRI hosted leadership talk with Akash Gautam

His motto is 'Life and living life better'

The first leadership talk of the year in the flagship XLS-XLRI Leadership series 2017-18 and the fifth in the current series was delivered by popular motivational speaker, corporate trainer and blogger, Akash Gautam. The talk, organised by the PGDM-GM batch of XLRI, was held on January 15 at their campus in Jamshedpur.

Akash asked people to be happy, energetic and focused. His event was motivational minus the boring gyaan and was filled with sarcasm and humour. He believes in the motto 'Life and living life better'.

Addressing the students, Akash talked about the need for happiness in a person's life. He stressed on the importance of maintaining a balanced personal life in order to achieve success in the corporate world. He uncovered the mantras for a successful life — career, fitness, relationships, hobbies and spirituality — and the need to diversify your investment of time and energy among these five areas. He talked about how meditation helped him improve his life and encouraged students to leverage its power. He shared anecdotes from his personal life to stress on the importance of staying happy and healthy.

The best part of the event was the humourous way in which he engaged the audience and kept the talk alive.