13 Aug 2020 21:26 IST

XLRI welcomes new batch in both campuses

Classes for the first semester have started for students of both campuses online mode

A new batch of 477 students joined XLRI-Xavier School of Management for both Jamshedpur and Delhi-NCR campuses. The new students will take a virtual orientation programme drawn up by XLRI before regular classes commence.

Four essential hallmarks of XLRI education

In the welcome address, P Christie SJ, Director, XLRI-Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, emphasised on the four essential hallmarks of Jesuit education. Elaborating on the four themes, he said, “ The first aspect being ‘excellence’ — to strive continuously for the best, without getting easily satisfied and without becoming complacent with our achievements; the second aspect being ‘Integrity coupled with ethics’ — which describes the ethos of XLRI. One cannot achieve excellence and long-term success without integrity and ethics, both go hand in hand; the third aspect relates to ‘whole person growth across quotients’ — Growth of an individual across intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual levels; and the fourth hallmark being ‘Social consciousness’— to be sensitive to the needs of the less privileged around us.”

“We are happy that we have a new campus in the Delhi-NCR area. One of the reasons for going to Delhi is the growing demand for more business leaders triggered by the economic growth in India," he further added.

New batches at XLRI Jamshedpur Campus

Business Management (PGDM-BM: 2020-22 batch) - 181 students

Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM: 2020-22 batch) - 181 students

Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) – 15 students

Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EXEC-FPM) – 28 students


New batch at XLRI Delhi-NCR Campus

Business Management (PGDM-BM: 2020-22 batch) - 72 students