05 Mar 2018 21:28 IST

Action-packed year at IIM Bangalore

The last eight months have been a whirl of intensive academics, group learning, clubs and sports

It was in last April that I got admission to one of the finest B-schools in the country – IIM Bangalore. A heightened sense of pride ensued, followed by a 1 per cent bit of self-doubt, “Will I be able to survive the environment?”

All the images built up in my mind as an MBA aspirant were soon to become reality. And an exciting period ensued, during which the formal e-introductions with seniors and peers started to float around on the official Google, WhatsApp and Facebook groups. After getting to know the brilliant profile of many of my peers, my enthusiasm to share the learning experience with them grew.

The first term of a B-school is usually the most hectic as we get accustomed to 90-minute-long lectures and deadline-bound assignments. The students are also exposed to a key portion of B-school pedagogy, case analysis, where we get to know not only the strategy for the evolution of firms but also the dilemmas of managers.

Subjects like economics, marketing and accounting soon started to fill our minds and the perspective of the world started to change when we looked through the lens of management metrics. The surprise quizzes require one to prepare for every lecture beforehand.

A manager is expected to talk a lot and the same is reflected in the system of class participation marks. Group projects help crystallise certain concepts, be it Porter’s 'five forces analysis' or the BCG matrix with the practical world. Lectures from eminent personalities and domain experts are the cherry on top of the cake.

Student-run clubs in different areas, such as marketing, operations and investments provide a lot of opportunities to conduct and take part in various events that give us an incentive to apply what we learn. Then there are clubs that are culturally-oriented, such as those for singing, dancing and dramatics, that play a pivotal role in adding a parallel track to the academic effort.

Each and every festival is celebrated with enthusiasm, showcasing colourful traditions and culinary variety from across the country. Stress hormones stacked up during the day start to dissipate when different courts in the sports complex fill up with enthusiasts playing and competing against each other and the faculty.

IIM Bangalore Sangharsh Women Futsal Nalin Yadav BL on Campus

Sangharsh, an inter-IIM sports event where students from IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow fight to prove their mettle, takes place over three days. Being the top B-schools of the country, rivalry rules high, as many among the contestants are already national and international level players.

As I look back at the past seven-and-a-half months, I realise that I was in the right place at the right time, and that the valuable experiences and knowledge gained over the last year are irreplacable.

The writer is a student at IIM Bangalore and a Campus Ambassador for BL on Campus.