13 Mar 2018 19:30 IST

Leagues and learnings

Have you ever noticed how so much of management terms and lessons are filled in a sports event?

A new year begins in numerous ways for an MBA student — it’s a new semester, new professors, new events, programmes, and even new hopes of increasing CGP (I don’t mean you, 9 pointers!). There are competitions to look forward to and internship mood hovers over everyone.

In DoMS (Department of Management Studies) IIT-Madras, we picked January to conduct ‘DFL — Doms Football League’, where seniors, juniors and foreign exchange students were welcome to participate.

Believe me when I say that sports committee faces more time constraint and availability than any other, simply because it is sports.

How it started

Post the success of ‘DPL — Doms Premier League — cricket’, the demand for a football league floated amid exams and assignments. As a committee, this was one instance where exhibiting management skills was inevitable.

It’s so much fun conducting a sport tournament, in addition to which there are a lot of learnings to be gleaned from the experience. A B-school student’s involvement makes it more organised.

Have you ever noticed how much of the management terms and lessons are filled in a sports event, beginning with managers in auction balancing their finances, making a brand by naming the team, strategising on player pool, team portfolio management and team motivation. Raising funds independently is a task in itself. We also need to ensure that the quality of jerseys players wear isn’t cheap, that it isn’t expensive and that there is sufficient fund collection (usually, these three don’t fall in line).

Games and leagues aren’t just a mere break amidst tight MBA schedule — they are a compulsive process of aligning our body and mind, which reignites our passion. Bonding, sharing, focus, discipline, free-spirit and motivation are some of the values we rekindle through sports and games.

Informal games

Then there are games such as chess, carom, crossword, jenga, monopoly and cards that are engaging and act as stress busters. We conducted two informal game sessions in two quarters, and responses were satisfying, to say the least.

It is ironic that some games increase the tension, but it’s funny when we realise it towards the end.

Health is wealth, and above that, engaging in sports and games revives the child in you, who cannot be beaten by mild failures. For an MBA student, B-school life is not just a preparation of career; it is a platform where you can sharpen your strengths, create memories and cherish them.

(The writer is a Campus Ambassador at DoMS, IIT Madras for BL on Campus.)