06 Mar 2018 19:44 IST

Where there’s pain, there’s gain

Getting admitted into a top B-School is unambiguously tough, but life inside is even tougher, writes Prabhu Sengupta from IIM Trichy for BL on Campus

The tough life endured inside a B-school will lead to a glamorous future ahead

After the CAT results, students are usually excited, nervous and thrilled — after months of dedication and hard work, it’s time to think about choosing the right college! The feeling is very similar to what a farmer experiences when he sees his reaped crop, nurtured with his sweat and ready to serve its purpose.

But there is a catch — life before and after getting into a B-School are completely different.

Most B-schools’ courses and curriculum are structured in such a manner that students get a complete picture of what the top administrative positions of a company requires.

Time is an illusion

The distinction between Sundays and Mondays are merely on calendars and the only dates that really matter are the deadlines.

Home assignments, business cases and projects become the life, and smartphones are used for activities such as group meetings, emails and tinder (even if it is useless). Late night meetings and early morning submissions are a part of the everyday routine. The most important, necessary skill is managing time because it is the scarcest resource with a validity of 24 hours that cannot be extended.

Not all’s gloomy

But while all of these may seem distressing and pale, there is a flip side to the story. While students at B-schools do work hard, they never forget to party harder.

Every business institute has a unique way of welcoming the new batch. The seniors play an important role as mentors throughout the year, till they’re sure that their juniors are ready to pass the legacy on to the next batch.

Occasions, whether a religious festival or someone’s birthday, keep the celebration button pushed. Residential programmes forge close bonds between the inmates, which further facilitate group activities. People from different backgrounds connect with each other, and bring something new to the plate, thanks to our country’s diversity. The connections formed in B-Schools are for a lifetime, nurturing not only friendship but career development as well.

Cultural events and business meetings keep the environment buzzing, providing students numerous opportunities to interact with the industry bigwigs, leaders and intellectuals from other B-schools. It also gives them a chance to learn from erudite professors, ingenious peers and business leaders.

Getting admitted into a top B-School is unambiguously tough, but life inside is even tougher. A B-school offers a platform for future managers to learn and experience the complexities and responsibilities of being in an administrative position.

The tough life inside a B-school will lead to a glamorous future ahead. Where there’s pain, there’s gain.

(The writer is the Campus Ambassador at IIM Trichy for BL on Campus.)