17 Sep 2016 17:37 IST

ISB is more than a business school

Studying at ISB is not confined to classrooms; this enhances one’s critical thinking framework

According to me, Indian School of Business (ISB) is a unique institution because things there are different, each area and aspect complementing the other. The beautiful gardens, elegant hallways, airy atrium, handcrafted pathways, the incredible people… They bring ISB closer to my heart.

A typical day at ISB starts with world-class professors taking classes for students from non-traditional backgrounds. Every day is one of transformation because of the international learning environment which spills over into the academic and social realms. The carefully crafted curriculum teaches us the relevance of everything; it’s just a matter of time when this knowledge will help us.

Classroom learning, coupled with real-time market dynamics, helps one learn from professors and part-time MBA practitioners. Learning at ISB is not confined to classrooms. Professional clubs, peer-to-peer interaction intertwined with learning sessions, numerous opportunities for experiential learning, and engaging with major leaders and companies all provide a platform to prepare for the future. Through the use of case studies and teaching aids, ISB has also created in me a critical thinking framework, an absolute necessity for business success.

Learning, working and practising in such a diverse environment has helped me live, learn experience and unwind. During challenging times, the sports club allows one to exercise, make new friends, de-stress and love what they are doing. A wide range of sports, from squash to badminton and swimming, help students follow their passion and create bonds which they carry not only during their time at ISB but long afterwards.

The experience has taught me a lot of things. I saw that compassion, humility and commitment can go a long way. I have also realised that the journey to a destination is as important as the destination itself. I am now able to measure success in many different ways, beyond those on a balance-sheet.

An MBA from ISB means learning from an impressive and interesting peer group, and so interesing is the journey that I don't want my time at ISB to end!