29 December 2015 15:17:53 IST

‘A spring in your stride’

The campaign builds on the idea that a good night’s sleep gives you ‘a spring in your stride’

Problem Statement : To create a print ad campaign for Kurl-on based on the brand promise of ‘More Bounce, Less Wear and Tear’ that is not offensive and is socially acceptable.

Concept Note : The ad campaign strives to evoke the refreshing feeling of a good night’s sleep and the positive effect of a rejuvenated body and mind that results from it. This is directly transferred into the copy line of the campaign, which talks about ‘spring in your stride’, an expression of optimism and of a new beginning.

We have portrayed three different scenarios to pitch the idea that a good, comfy mattress with sufficient bounce, like the Kurl-on product, can refresh you and give you a good start the next morning. ‘A spring in your stride’ has been used here to translate the concept of bounce to the energy that ensues from using the mattress.


The copy line is: “A Kurl-on night gives you a spring in your stride.”

Ad#1: A picture in which a young lady walks briskly in the early morning, against a vivid, contrasting backdrop, smiling to herself. The ad says: “He is only half the reason.” This is followed by the copy line: “A Kurl-on night lends a spring to your stride.”

Ad#2: A picture in a playschool or creche, where babies are crying and throwing tantrums, either crawling or sitting on the floor. One baby, in contrast, is standing up with a wide smile on her face. The ad says: “Guess who had a good night’s sleep?” This is followed by the copy line: “A Kurl-on night gives the little one a spring in her stride.”

Ad#3: A picture of an Independence Day parade, in which soldiers are marching rigidly, in formation. One soldier, however, seems to be just a little higher in the air than the rest. The ad says: “Stay heads and shoulders above your peers.” This is followed by the copy line: “A Kurl-on night gives you a spring in your stride.”

The Rationale

The rationale behind this campaign stems from the results achieved over the course of our research. We began with some primary research, involving a sample of 10 people. We went about doing a word association test, where the participants were asked to name the first set of ideas that comes to their mind once we say the following words: Mattress and Bounce.

Not surprisingly, the trend observed was that most people associated the words with sex, a good night’s sleep and a rejuvenated mind. Of the 10 people surveyed, seven respondents had ‘sex’ in their primary set of words recollected after listening to mattress + bounce. ‘A rejuvenated mind’ appeared in the primary set of associations for five people and in the secondary set for four people, whereas ‘a good night’s sleep’ seemed to be a common feature in the secondary list of six participants.

A person buys a new mattress invariably when they are moving into a new house or are buying new furniture, so we believe that buying a new mattress signifies for them, a new beginning of sorts. We’ve utilised this concept of new beginnings in all our three ads where we talk about rejuvenated beginnings to a day or new born babies.

( The second runners-up are students in the PGDM-C Batch of 2015-17 at Mudra Institute of Communication and Advertising, Ahmedabad )