19 April 2017 13:30:45 IST

Good suggestions on overcoming sporting hurdles

Useful insights into problems that prevent India from achieving its Olympics dream

The entries responding to the case study on India’s performance at the Olympics were carefully assessed for their insights into the problems raised in the challenge and their suggestions on how to overcome these hurdles. Given below is a brief rationale for selecting the top five entries.

The winners

The winning entry, from Maharaja Surajmal Institute, identified the issues at a granular level. The analysis looks at the systemic issues in sports and the country’s sports ecosystem and highlights the inherent deficiencies in the system, The solution is rooted in how policies in India, especially sports governance, could be improved to achieve a better performance in the Olympics in the future. The solution proposed attempts to keep all stakeholders invested in the next stage and thus ensures wider buy-ins.

First Runners-Up

While a little weak in assessing the reasons for the current pathetic state of affairs in India’s sporting performance, especially at the Olympics, the first runners-up, IIM Indore, nevertheless offer great ideas for the next steps, including wider public participation in funding and talent sourcing.

Second Runners-Up

This entry from LIBA carried out an interesting analysis of spending patterns but was not able to take it to next level of deeper analysis. However, it did a good job of identifying the focus areas for an improved Olympic performance by India.

Third Runners-Up

This IIM Kozhikode submission carried out an exhaustive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of analysis of Indian sports and highlighted the inability of athletes and participants in various sports to build on their successes owing to various constraints. Does a good job of identifying focus sports.

Fourth Runners-Up

The entry from IIM Indore's Mumbai campus compares the situation regarding sports administration and funding in India to the environment prevailing in the UK and the US to come up with potential systemic solutions and draws up an elaborate roadmap for funding and infrastructure.