05 January 2018 12:17:37 IST

Interesting, thought-provoking analyses by B-schoolers

In-depth analysis of the problem and application of management theories given importance

Every case study is unique in nature and requires a specific approach for analysis. All the entries received were equally interesting and thought-provoking, making my job as an evaluator very difficult.

However, there exist few general areas that are taken into account while evaluating a case. More credit is given to entries that show a strong analysis of the problem, identifies management principles governing them and puts forward innovative solutions.

Following are the parameters I had in mind while making a judgement (in order of importance):

~ In-depth analysis of the problem.

~ Application of management theories in providing a solution.

~ Out-of-the-box thinking.

~ Presenting thoughts clearly and coherently.

Winners (IIM B)

The entry had excellent crisis recovery strategies outlined in addition to strategies that can prevent similar incident from recurring in future. What I loved was that at every stage, they identified key management principles that could either explain the situation or provide a solution for the same. However, I wish they had focussed a little more on analysing the problem in-detail and gave a better presentation.

First runner-up (IIM Indore)

I liked the detailed presentation of the proactive and reactive control measures. The entry had the potential to be on top if only the team focussed on identifying and applying management theories in their analysis.

Second runners-up (IIM Indore)

The team did a commendable job in providing strategies that would ensure proper employee behaviour. Indeed, employee behaviour management is a critical issue in the case. However, an in-depth analysis of the problem could have resulted in identifying several other key issues that required addressing.

Third runners-up (LIBA, Chennai)

I like the entry because the team provided unique strategies, such as #GoIndiGOOD campaign, and happy customer reviews. They also presented the ideas well. Detailed understanding of the problem and application of management principles, however, was missing.

Fourth runners-up (IMT, Navi Mumbai)

An excellent and professional presentation by the team. I would have been happy to find some analysis of the problem and incorporation of management principles,