23 Nov 2016 20:46 IST


Well-presented, holistic views

Application of theory, originality and presentation were key criteria used for evaluation

There were many excellent entries, and I had a really tough time deciding on the top five. Some entries had analysed one part of the problem really well, but failed to adequately address the others. I have selected the entries that attempt to holistically look at the issues facing the company.


~ Strength of analysis

~ Application of theoretical frameworks

~ Originality and practicality of ideas

~ Presentation


~ Winner, Pranav Naik and Tejas Kulkarni, SPJIMR: This is an excellent analysis that is grounded in theory and also provides some useful recommendations. It identifies the need for the company to raise funds to fuel the growth it was aiming for.

Most importantly, it is a very well-structured, polished piece, and comes across as an authoritative and convincing presentation. I liked the fact that the contestants attempted to look at the social and environmental dimensions, in addition to the financial aspect.

~ First runners-up, Sachi Bhandari and Shakib Azam, Indian School of Business: This is a strong entry with contestants putting forward their analysis and recommendations in an easy-to-understand manner, together with recommendations.

I liked the ‘consumer insights’ gathered and used by the contestants. However, I felt the latter part of the presentation could have been more specific to the issues presented in the case.

~ Second runners-up, Anitha Krishnakumar and Jayashree S, Great Lakes Institute of Management: I picked this entry because the contestants took a clear stand on the problem, targeted an important segment and presented a credible action plan to tap this segment. All the recommendations presented are practical.

~ Third runners-up, Sanchit Thareja and Suveer Vidyarthi, Great Lakes Institute of Management: This is another entry that looks at issues in the case holistically and provides some good recommendations. I also liked the fact that the contestants have tried to prioritise the issues and have a good sense of which issues are more important than the rest.

~ Fourth runners-up, Raashi Agarwal and Raghav Mishra, IIM Indore: This is a nice analysis that was well-structured, well-written and grounded in theory. I would have liked to see a few more recommendations.