19 Feb 2016 21:55 IST


Well-structured arguments, logically presented

Originality and practicality of ideas, use of relevant data and writing style were key evaluation factors

The case challenge before the contestants was a contemporary issue, the Make in India initiative. Given the relevant case facts and the challenges to manufacturing in India, the contestants were asked to share their views on what India’s focus should be — manufacturing or innovation. They were also asked to suggest steps the government should take and implement as a priority.

Each entry received tried to analyse the case using the relevant information and data given in the case challenge. Most of the contestants also consulted additional secondary sources of data. The case entries were evaluated based on the following criteria of equal weightage.

Originality in idea and logic

Use of appropriate/relevant data and information for case analysis

Writing style and

Practicality of suggestions

Rationale: 1st Prize

The winner’s case analysis is well-structured using relevant case facts. The winner has clear conceptual clarity on India’s unique development path. There is clarity in the views expressed and the contestant has come up with more practical suggestions. While taking a stand on the case dilemma, the winner has provided a logical and theoretically grounded justification.

Rationale: 2nd Prize

It is well structured and written in simple language. The contestants has suggested many steps that the government should take to implement the policy. These are doable suggestions. The analysis has been done using relevant data and information collected from secondary sources apart from the case study.

Rationale: 3rd Prize

The team has a clear understanding about the current business environment. The analysis is well written. The contestant has clear idea about the challenges faced by the economy. While suggesting the steps to be taken, the team is aware of the constraints which need to be addressed.

Rationale: 4th Prize

The participants have identified some weak areas that remain to be addressed by the government to achieve the stated target. While suggesting some reform measures,s such as labour laws, the contestant is well aware of the consequences of such measures on the well-being of people.

Rationale: 5th Prize

The team has strong knowledge about the Make in India campaign and other initiatives adopted by the government. While recommending the policy changes, the contestant should have cited possible constraints and challenges too.