29 December 2015 15:18:08 IST

With a pinch of humour

Humorous ads that are also incredible are the ones which stay with consumers

‘More bounce and less wear and tear’, is the unique selling proposition (USP) of Kurl-on mattresses. After the debacle the company faced after its ‘bounce back’ ad, as creative heads of O&M, we would present the brand’s USP with a tinge of humour. It is to position the mattress as comfortable and flexible, and something that is fun to use.

Focus and the idea

A mattress is a basic necessity for households: so, there is a need to reach every house. And we learnt that the consumers see no big difference between the various mattress brands available in the market.

This campaign has a series of three print ads featuring one common agenda — that there is no better way to bounce, than on a Kurl-on mattress. The campaign title will be ‘Feel the bounce’, and the tagline, ‘Bounce that will sweep you off your feet’.

Print ad 1

An astronaut has just entered a room that has a bed with a Kurl-on mattress. She looks at it, with an unusual plan building in her head: of launching into outer space using the Kurl-on mattress as a launch pad! This laughable idea of an astronaut launching to space with the mattress will grab people’s attention and make them talk about it. The whole idea is to show that the Kurl-on mattress has a bounce that can even take you to the moon!

Print ad 2

Several people are ready to board their flight through the staircase. But instead of an aircraft, there’s a Kurl-on mattress! Passengers are sitting on a big mattress that has everything ready; with even an air-hostess on board. The idea is that the mattress is so bouncy, you can use it to fly to your destination. This funny ad is another that will stay in the consumer’s memory for a long time.

Print ad 3

An alien is standing in front of the mattress, in the hope of getting back to his planet without a UFO. Here, the mattress acts as a substitute for the spaceship. This depicts the idea that even aliens need this bounce — a bounce that will send you back to your own world!

Campaign: ‘Feel the bounce’ Featured Print Ad 1

Rationale behind the campaign

The rationale is to aggressively position the brand so consumers associate Kurl-on mattresses with the “bounce factor”. The humour will help increase brand recognition and, hence, improve recall value, when compared with other brands in the market.

So the attributes these ads will project are: best bounce, comfort and flexibility.

(The fourth runners-up are from IIM, Ranchi, pursuing their first year of PGDM)