29 December 2015 15:18:01 IST

Dreams know no bounds

A good night’s sleep can work magic: make you relive holidays, childhood, or even rekindle an extinguished dream

For this campaign, we propose a tagline of #Kurl On To Dream On.

Concept note

After closely observing consumers using mattresses, we found that apart from comfort, people like the ‘bouncy’ nature of spring mattresses. Probably because it gives the person lying on the mattress an uplifted feeling and makes them feel lighter. Moreover, there is a sense of cosiness that makes them feel relaxed and at home.

From these observations, we came up with the idea of ‘bounce to enjoy the moment’ campaign, which portrays more than just the sensations of comfort and relief a mattress provides — it highlights the mentally and physically uplifting impact that a mattress can have on the consumer. This campaign will be a series depicting scenarios that people living in today’s metro cities face.

Rationale, conceptualisation

The campaign highlighting the ‘bounce’ factor of the spring mattresses would illustrate not only the very moments that consumers dream of when they sleep on the mattress but also the significance of the emotions felt in those moments and how they transcend into reality.

The campaign includes three ads.

The first one depicts #Bouncebacktoholidayfun. The first thing that kids and sometimes even adults do when they enter a hotel room during their holidays, is to jump on the bed. The bouncier the mattress, the more elated they feel; there’s this rush of emotions, such as joy and relief, they experience upon reaching their destination.

The essence of sleeping in their own home, yet enjoying the holiday-like comfort will make them feel a similar sense of ease and comfort. Therefore, the Kurl-on mattresses will come across as a symbol of a good night’s rest that helps them wake up all recharged and refreshed in the morning.

In this way, they ‘#Bouncebacktoholidayfun’ within their own homes.

When we go to sleep, our brains and hearts work in harmony to create dreams. Many a time, these dreams are unfulfilled wishes and passions we would have liked to pursue. It is from this thought that the second theme was born — the second campaign is #BounceToTakeTheLeap.

Our print ad would feature a regular person, who comes home very tired from work and is not too happy with his life. A million things are running through his mind: the whole day’s happenings, next day’s target, and boring office meetings.

But as soon as he lies down to sleep on the new Kurl-on mattress he has just bought, he feels warm, snug, light, and cosy — not very different from how he felt as a child at home. He begins to dream of the good old days and recollects his long-lost passion for cooking; when he thought he would don his chef’s hat and cook delicious food for his family and friends. But pressure of getting a job had put the passion for cooking on the backburner.

Next day, when he wakes up, it is with a resolve — of going after his dream. While through the day, he would, apart from his day-job, also work further towards realising his dream, a good night’s rest on Kurl-on would give him the vigour and bounce he needs for the next day. After a few years, he even goes on to participate in a Masterchef challenge! Hence #BounceToTakeTheLeap

The third ad revolves around nostalgia and one’s desire to ‘Bounce back to childhood days’. It shows a student living in a hostel, sleeping on a Kurl-on mattress, which reminds her of how her father would throw her in the air and catch her, making her feel light and joyous. Sleeping on a Kurl-on mattress gives her a similar feeling and she can’t help but keep jumping on the mattress, thus reliving her childhood. #BounceBackToConnect

( The third runners-up are doing their PGDM in Communications from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad )