23 February 2017 13:09:09 IST

Customise and collaborate to widen reach

Beto Chagas/shutterstock.com

Innovative tie-ups with broadband and other providers could be a positive

To understand the challenges faced by Netflix in expanding its presence in the Indian market, one has to get a clear idea, not only of its own strengths, but also the market dynamics at play and the threats it faces from various sectors.



In an effort to customise its offerings, Netflix could initially focus on tier 1 and tier 2 cities and then slowly expand to tier 3 regions. The content provider could streamline its registration process by allowing the use of debit cards, and net banking, in addition to credit cards, to increase the customer base.

Netflix could consider certain tie-ups to gain greater access to customers:

~ Tie up with broadband service providers: Customers can be given a cost effective package, bundling Netflix and broadband providers like Tata or BSNL, to gain access to greater middle-class, urban and even rural population

~ Partner with device makers: Partner with manufacturers of devices that support streaming, such as Smart TVs, tablets, and gaming consoles, and offer consumers a time-bound free Netflix subscription for, say, a month.


(The third runners-up are first-year students of PGP at IIM Kozhikode.)