10 Oct 2019 17:25 IST

Exciting and novel ideas, creative solutions

Four metrics used to assess the best five entries

While there were many exciting, novel ideas and creative solutions offered by the participants, BL on Campus can only publish the top five entries here. I have used the following criteria to evaluate the submitted entries – 1) Level of case analysis 2) Application of theoretical frameworks with respect to case issues 3) Novelty and relevance of ideas; and 4) Presentation of the case analysis. Here’s what stood out among the top five entries.

Ankur Srivastava


Winning Pick

IIM Shillong: Ritika Jha and Apoorva Bansal

Excellent presentation of case analysis, clear understanding of the issues of the case, strong application of branding principles along with novel ideas providing a roadmap for the future to handle the issues depicted in the case.

First Runner Up

IIM Kozhikode: Vamshi Bogadi

The issues were correctly identified, adequate explanation of the theoretical framework and novelty in stated solutions.

Second Runner Up

ISB: Shreya Bhardwaj and Shikha Bhatt

Clear presentation of the issues along with detailed case analysis, proper theoretical underpinning of the issues, good suggestion for implementation of ideas.

Third Runner Up

TAPMI: Mohit Rathi and Charvi Maheshwari

Decent level of analysis, use of theoretical underpinning was new yet the solutions could have been better linked with the identified theoretical framework. Also presentation level could have been enhanced

Fourth Runner Up

TAPMI: Sayan Choudhury and Sharmi Saha

Case issues were identified adequately with analysis employing the use of new theoretical frameworks. Yet analysis could have been better presented by linking diverse theories and appropriately relating to the solutions. Flow of the analysis could have been improved.

(The writer is Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing & Strategy, ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad.)