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Global events and their impact
Rajkamal Rao
Managing Director, Rao Advisors LLC, an education consulting firm
Decoding the future of the workplace
Chitra Narayanan - Future of Work
Chitra Narayanan is an Editorial Consultant with The Hindu BusinessLine
Geopolitics and the global economy
Talks about the latest in world politics and economics and shows how both affect each other
Getting your digital marketing strategy right
Vikas Chawla
Vikas Chawla is a management graduate from London School of Economics (LSE) and co-founder of digital agency Social Beat and influencer marketing platform
Focus on renewable energy, sustainable solutions
M Ramesh
Senior Deputy Editor, BusinessLine who writes on renewables
A look at political and economic developments
B Baskar
Senior Deputy Editor, BusinessLine. Loves economics, football and long-distance running
The stories of Indian brands
Malathy Sriram
A freelancer who writes poems, short stories and book reviews

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